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The new Indian cuisine


Enjoy at Mahal Tandoori a traditional Indian cuisine. Specialties are freshly made and perfected in our Tandoori oven, a charcoal oven from North India..

A warm and welcoming place in the exclusive Puerto portals

The combination of tradition and modern design aesthetic lies in our philosophy of Mahal Tandoori. Our restaurant´s interior is designed to offer the highest comfort, both inside area and terrace. A magical place for summer and winter season.


    Meat or vegetable Samosa

    Spiced minced lamb encased in pastry and deep fried


    Chicken or lamb Tikka

    Tender Chicken or lamb breast marinated in spicesand yoghurt then grilled in the tandoori oven


    Chicken Tikka with Cheese

    Tender chicken breast stuffed with cheese and marinated in spices and yoghurt, grilled in the tandoori oven


    Sheekh Kabab

    Minced lamb with onions and herbs cooked in the tandoori oven


    Tandoori wings

    Chicken wings marinated in yoghurt and spices, cooked in the tandoori oven


    Shammi Kabab

    Popular dish from Bangladesh made with minced lamb and lentils /deep fried



    Chicken or lamb marinated in spices, cooked in the tandoori oven with green, red peppers and tomatoes


    Chicken or vegetables Pakora

    With herbs and spices coated with grounded chickpeas, deep fried


    Fish Tikka

    Salmon marinated in spices cooked in the tandoori oven


    Onion Behaji

    Diced onions in spicy grounded chickpea batter / deep fried


    Aloo Kabab

    Mashed potatoes and cooked with cheese


    Indian soup

    Chicken or Lentil


    Lemon Chana

    Cheakpeas prepared with garlic, ginger, spices and lemon


    Paneer Pakora

    Fried Indian cottage cheese battered in gram flour






    Paneer Tikka

    Indian cottage cheese marinated and flavoured with fenugreek grilled in the tandoori oven


    Palak Paneer

    A vegetarian dish consisting of Palak (spinach) and paneer (cottage cheese) in a curry sauce. A traditional North Indian dish part of the Punjabi cuisine


    Paneer Karahi

    Pieces of cottage Indian cheese prepared with spices, onions and tomatoes


    Vegetable curry

    Freshly available seasonal mixed vegetables with onions, ginger, garlic, spices and fresh herbs


    Paneer Tikka Masala

    Indian cottage cheese with a special sauce made of selected herbs and spices


    Bindi Bhaji

    Okra prepared with onions, garlic and fresh herbs



    Black or yellow lentils indian style




    Mangsho Ghugni

    A very traditional Bengali dish, prepared out of yellow split peas and boneless mutton


    Cordero Tikka

    Lamb marinated in yoghurt, spices and cooked in the tandoori oven



    A traditional Moroccan slow cooked lamb dish producing very tender meat that is deliciously spiced


    Bengal roast

    Roast lamb with vegetables


    Ternera Chaap

    Grilled beef fillet Marinated with ginger, coriander, and mustard oil


    Ternera Asada

    Beef fillet with rich almond sauce




    Tikka masala

    Chicken breast grilled in the tandoori oven and finished in a creamy tomato sauce


    Butter Chicken

    Marinated with spices and cooked with a special makhni sauce made out of butter, tomato and various spices that gives the dish it´s unique flavour. One of the most popular Indian dish, the pride of Punjabi cuisine



    Marinated in yoghurt and seasoned with spices. Popular Indian dish cooked in the tandoori oven


    Mahal tikka

    A dish very popular in India and Pakistan. It is traditionally small pieces of boneless chicken cooked using skewers in the tandoori oven, presented in three different colours and flavours


    Hara Masala

    A modern twist on a traditional dish. Pieces of chicken grilled in the tandoori oven with a sauce made out of pistachio, yoghurt and fresh herbs


    Mahal Special

    Chicken breast marinated in yoghurt with a sauce, cooked with herbs and spices, fresh cream and cashew nuts



    Chicken fillet marinated with yoghurt, garlic, ginger and sesame seeds and pistachio sauce




    Tandoori King Prawns

    Marinated with yoghurt, ginger and roasted in the tandoori oven


    Ajwain King Prawns

    Cooked king prawns marinated in ginger, ajwain and finally grilled


    Amritsari Macchi

    Grilled salmon fillet marinated in ginger and garlic over a green peas pureer and garlic over a mashed potato puree


    Seabass with cherry tomato

    Grilled seabass prepared on a base of cherry tomatoes


    Grilled Codfish

    Marinated in ginger and garlic, roasted in the oven and served with a pistachio sauce










    The following sauces can be elaborated from the ingredients of your choice, lamb, beef, chicken, prawns or vegetables



    A popular northern Indian traditional dish. Prepared with fresh herbs, cream, almonds and spices



    A dish from Pakistan, made with fresh cream, yoghurt and pistachio



    A fruity dish influenced by the kashimiri region of India´s subcontinent. Made with sweet bananas, exotic lychees and greek yoghurt combined with spicess


    Curry, Madras o Vindaloo

    The Madras curry is originally from what was the madras region in the South East of India and it is an extremely spicy curry


    Roghan Josh

    This dish was brought to Kashmir by the Mughal´s whose cuisine was influenced by Persian cuisine. Made with tomatoes and a sinfully delicious blend of fragrant spices and flavours



    Balti cooking originated centuries ago in the Himalayan region of Pakistan and Kashmiri in a province called Baltistan. This dish mainly consist of fresh onions, tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs and spices



    A delicious curry dish from Bengal which is famous in India, Pakistan and a favourite in the United Kindom, made with peppers, tomatoes, fresh coriander and green chillis


    Karahi o Bhuna

    A Pakistani and North Indian dish prepared in a traditional Indian wok. A dish lavishly rich in spices with onions, peppers, fresh ginger and coriande



    A delicious and nutritious Indian and Bengali dish made with spinach, garlic, Onions and spices



    A dish that combines elements of the Persian and Gujarati cuisine, an exotic combination of lentils and spices




    Plain Rice

    Boiled Basmati rice


    Pilau Rice

    Special Indian basmati rice, flavoured with saffron. The perfect side dish for any curry


    Mushroom Rice

    Eggfried Rice

    Rice with nuts

    French Fries


    Aloo Gobi

    Potatoes with cauliflower prepared with onions, peppers, ginger and spices


    Sag Aloo

    Potatoes with spinach prepared with garlic, cumin, onions, peppers and spices


    Bombay Aloo

    Typical Indian potatoes in onion sauce, green peppers, ginger and garlic


    Channa Saag

    Spinach with Chickpeas



    A type of basmati rice that has a characteristic  and aromatic fragrance, you can combine it with beef, vegetables or lamb


    Plain Naan

    Indian bread baked in the tandoori oven



    Choose from ; Cheese, Garlic, Peshwari (Nuts with honey), Keema ( Minced meat )



    Plain Indian bread fried in butter


    Stuffed Paratha

    Bread stuffed with potatoes and cheese, then fried in butter



    Thin, soft, unleavened bread



    Lentils bread


    Indian bread includes a wide range  of breads that are an essential part of their gastronomy and culture


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Monday -  Thursday: 1:30pm to 10:30pm

Friday -  Sunday: 1:30pm to 11pm

Enjoy the best Indian cuisine wherever you want


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Monday -  Thursday: 1:30pm to 10:30pm

Friday -  Sunday: 1:30pm to 11pm

Mahal Tandoori Indian Restaurant. Puerto Portals. Mallorca. Illes Balears

Mahal Tandoori Indian Restaurant. Puerto Portals. Mallorca. Illes Balears